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ACCURATE ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS is one of the FTA approved Tax Agency Companies in the UAE. We take care of the TAX responsibilities with utmost satisfaction of our customers. By appointing us as your Tax Agency/Tax Agent, we will be responsible for all your TAX related matters. We shall be appointed as your consultant or shall represent you before FTA for any of the below mentioned procedures on a case-to-case basis.

 Preparation, submittal and record keeping of Tax Returns on behalf of our clients.
 Internal Tax-Audit.
 Submit Reconsideration request for fines and penalties.
 Update customers about the recent amendments and changes in the VAT rules and regulations.
 Rectification of errors by submitting voluntary disclosure.
 Communicate with FTA on behalf of the persons or companies liable for Tax return filing.
 Provide professional Tax Advisory Services.
 To assist in maintaining all the financial records related to tax transactions liaison with FTA on your
tax related matters.
 Represent you before FTA in case of any query or clarification.
 Facilitate and Assist FTA on behalf of our clients for Tax Audit or Tax Inspection, if any.
 Arrange or prepare all the documents which are in line with the VAT for the FTA during the tax audit.
 Assist Taxable Persons with their tax obligations and communications with the Federal Tax Authority.
 Fully represent non-resident businesses and take care of their tax compliance and obligations.

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