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Federal Tax Authority FTA Agents in Abu Dhabi

Accurate Accounting Solutions is one of the FTA-approved Tax Agents in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our Tax Consultants in the Abu Dhabi Office are experts in handling the preparation, submission, and record-keeping of Tax returns, etc. Hire us as your tax agents in Abu Dhabi

We take care of the TAX responsibilities with the utmost satisfaction of our customers. By appointing us as your Tax Agency Or Tax Agent in Abu Dhabi we will be responsible for all your TAX-related matters. We shall be appointed as your consultant or shall represent you before FTA for any of the below-mentioned procedures on a case-to-case basis.

  • Preparation, submittal, and record-keeping of Tax Returns on behalf of our clients.
  •  Internal Tax-Audit.
  • Submit a Reconsideration request for fines and penalties.
  •  Update customers about the recent amendments and changes in the VAT rules and regulations.
  • Rectification of errors by submitting voluntary disclosure.
  • Communicate with FTA on behalf of the persons or companies liable for Tax return filing.
  •  Provide professional Tax Advisory Services.
  •  To assist in maintaining all the financial records related to tax transactions liaison with FTA on your
    tax-related matters.
  •  Represent you before FTA in case of any query or clarification.
  •  Facilitate and Assist FTA on behalf of our clients for Tax Audit or Tax Inspection, if any.
  •  Arrange or prepare all the documents which are in line with the VAT for the FTA during the tax audit.
  • Assist Taxable Persons with their tax obligations and communications with the Federal Tax Authority.
  • Fully represent non-resident businesses and take care of their tax compliance and obligations.

What is Federal Tax Authority and Approved Tax Agents in Abu Dhabi?

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is the government agency responsible for governing and collecting taxes within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was established in 2017 following the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE to diversify sources of income. The FTA plays an essential function.

Accurate Accounting Solution is one of the best Approved Tax Agents in Abu Dhabi
The FTA is accountable for implementing and enforcing the federal laws and rules governing taxation, including TVA, Excise Tax, and other taxes imposed by government officials of the UAE government. They also oversee the registration of businesses for tax purposes, filing tax returns, paying taxes on time, auditing violations, and pursuing enforcement actions against tax evaders.
The goal of the FTA is to encourage compliance with federal tax law, increase the efficiency of tax administration and promote fairness and transparency in the taxation system. It provides various services and resources to taxpayers, like online portals to register, file and make a tax payment; guidance on its website and customer service centre or other channels; and support for technical issues via computer software.

How To Hire a Best Tax Agents in Abu Dhabi

Finding the Best Tax Agents in Abu Dhabi can be a vital step to ensure you comply with Tax laws in the United Arab Emirates and its regulations. Here are a few steps to assist you in finding and hiring the top tax experts for Abu Dhabi:

  1. Before you begin searching for a tax professional, it is essential to identify your specific tax requirements. This could include tax planning assistance, compliance, preparation and filing taxes, tax audit assistance, and other tax-related issues.
  2. Find potential tax professionals. Once you’ve identified your requirements, you can begin researching available tax specialists from Abu Dhabi. Ask for the recommendations of other businesses or people who have had contact with tax professionals. You can also search online directories or professional associations to find registered tax professionals.
  3. Examine their qualifications: It is essential to check the qualifications and credentials of the tax professionals you’re considering. It would help if you looked for agents who are certified by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and have relevant qualifications and expertise in the tax industry.
  4. Examine your reputation. You can verify the credibility of a tax advisor by reviewing testimonials and reviews from their customers or by verifying their status with professional associations or regulatory bodies.
  5. Consult with a consultant. After you’ve found some tax experts, you can arrange an appointment to discuss your tax needs and determine their ability to do the task.
  6. Please look at their fees: Lastly, consider tax agents’ fees and compare them to other available agents. Find a transparent tax professional with a fair fee structure that provides value-for-money services.

All in all, finding the top tax advisor for your tax needs in Abu Dhabi requires careful consideration and extensive research. Choosing a reliable and qualified professional who will offer the expertise and assistance in helping you fulfill the tax requirements is essential.

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How Accurate, the Best Tax Agent in Abu Dhabi Can Help Your Business

As a business entrepreneur in Abu Dhabi, navigating the tax landscape can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the laws and regulations in Abu Dhabi. 

That’s why you need the best tax agent in Abu Dhabi to assist you in managing your tax compliance and reducing your tax liabilities.

As a tax agent in Abu Dhabi, we can help your businesses in various ways.

  1. We can provide expert advice: Accurate accounting solutions; the best tax agents in Abu Dhabi have a thorough knowledge of the l tax laws and regulations in Abu Dhabi. Our Tax consultants can advise businesses on various tax matters, such as VAT, corporate tax, and payroll tax. 
  2. Our Tax agents can also help your business understand tax obligations and advise how to structure your operations to minimize tax liabilities.
  3. We ensure compliance with the tax laws in Abu Dhabi: Our tax agents can assist your business in compliance with Abu Dhabi’s tax laws and regulations. 
  4. Our Tax consultants can help your businesses to prepare and file your tax returns on time, keep accurate records, and implement tax-efficient strategies.
  5. Our Tax agents in Abu Dhabi can help you resolve tax disputes: If you have any tax disputes or issues with the tax authorities, our tax agent can represent your business and negotiate with them on their behalf.
  6. We Provide ongoing support: Our Tax agents in Abu Dhabi can support your businesses by informing them about changes in tax laws and regulations in the country that may impact your operations. 

We can assist your business by providing proper tax advice, ensuring compliance with the country’s tax laws, resolving tax disputes, and providing tax support. By working with the best tax agent in abu dhabi, your business can reduce your tax liabilities, reduce your risk of penalties and fines, and focus on their core operations.


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