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Imagine reducing your Accounts Payable processing expense without capital investment while gaining better control over the entire process. When you outsource the functions of your Accounts Payable service to us, that’s exactly what happens.
Reduce Processing Costs

With the help of Accounts payable automation, you can easily reduce the cost of processing. It helps in minimizing the total time required to complete the transaction.

Never Miss an Early Payment Discount

simultaneously, it rewards you the benefits of early payments by updating you about the profits of early payment, if any.

Avoid Duplicate Payment

Outsourcing accounts is done by experienced professionals which mitigates the possibilities of duplicate payments.

The business entities are always challenged to reduce costs, avail the best services and add maximum value from their expenditures. Accurate offers completely flexible and innovative Accounts Payable Services. Contact us today and get the best cost for home automation system for your company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other parts of Emirates.


Improved controls


Cost control

IT capabilities

The processing of Accounts Payable Management Solutions Abu Dhabi is one of the main business processes that lead to the efficient management of the company’s payable obligations. Accounts payable shall be the amount payable for the goods and services received by a company to its suppliers or vendors. That means that the company should enter liabilities in its account books on the basis of the invoice sum before payment after placing orders for goods and services through the company. The business is also classified as accounts payable for its vendor or supplier. The amount shall be deducted from the balance of accounts payable after the payment has been made to the vendor or the supplier.

Important of Accounts Payable management

The AP Automation Solutions Abu Dhabi is an important method for an organization to work properly. Let us take note of some common supporting reasons-
  • It is responsible for paying the bills of the company in due course. As a result the so-called good credit and long-term relationship with vendors is maintained.
  • The vendor will provide the continuous flow of goods and services in time to the seller, which shall ensure the smooth running of the business and also possibly commercial discounts.
  • Accounts Payable Management Solutions Abu Dhabi has the responsibility that the payment must be done on time to avoid overdue charges, penalty or late fees.
  • It must ensure, before the due date, that all invoices can be readily monitored and paid. The same helps prevent non-payment or payment several times for the same account.
  • The method helps to manage proper cash flows such as payments only by using the provider’s credit facility efficiently and appropriately.
  • It also helps in refraining from any kind of fraud and theft in the business entity.
The company requires a high level of consistency in all its financial statements and high precision and reliability in recording the unpaid balance. If expenses are entered twice or unpaid transactions are not reported, the financial statements are inaccurate and documented in the book. Since major losses might be incurred by these inaccurate figures if the big figures are involved. Therefore, it is very important to properly record and also track the payment information of the different expenses.

Objective of Accounts Payable Management

Regardless of the size of the business, the aim of Accounts Payable Management Solutions Abu Dhabi is to pay just all the bills of the company and the right and valid invoices. This means that the invoice must display the following information before entering the invoice of the provider into the accounting records and paying the payment:
  • Details of the order made by the company.
  • Details of the company receivable.
  • And many more such as calculations, totals, the proper unit costs, terms, etc.
Internal audits are carried out by the AP Automation Solutions Abu Dhabi method for the following purposes in order to secure the cash and other business assets:
  • To prevent making a payment to the fraudulent invoice
  • Prevent making a payment to the inaccurate invoice
  • And, to prevent making a payment to the vendor invoice twice. 
The companies still have the task of reducing prices, taking advantage of the best resources and optimising value for their expenses. Accurate provides entirely flexible and innovative Accounts Payable Management Solutions Abu Dhabi. Contact us today and get the best cost for home automation system for your company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other parts of Emirates.

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